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Recent Comments

  • manaa:

    the sound doesnt work?

  • Bart: Here's a challenge to my theory:post links (one will do) to a CnU upload that is less than 1GB and &...
  • Homogeneity?: Yup. I can respect that. But, speaking solely for myself, I would not pass on a Web-dl waiting days ...
  • thaone:

    Thank You for the HEVC X265

  • dodo:

    it's just for the homogeneity since i started collecting the webrip this time

  • Bart: megan-leavey-2017-1080p-brrip-6ch-mkvcage 2.2GBClicknUpload: previ...
  • thaone:

    Thank You for the HEVC X265

  • thaone:

    Thank You

  • SkrilleZ7:

    1080P X265 WEBRIP ??

  • Koomra: Possible this is "Friday Night Feast" 4x04. They invite guests on this show.I checked my &...