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Recent Comments

  • zkN:

    re-encodes suck. period

  • nat:

    yes, this is Season 2 Ep 9 & 10 combo. thanks a lot!

  • Vamps: @ No1CaresREALLY, now we've got some boot licker putting words in my mouth. I NEVER said I was &quo...
  • ItaloDisco:

    Please upload x265 with italian audio, thanks!

  • Dhani:


  • Incredible_David:

    Please Re-Upload This Episode Again,All Current 6 Link Are Dead.

  • TomMix: @Byala> 1) mislabelled episode of "Star Trek: Discovery", "episode 6" that is...
  • thaone:

    Thank You

  • thaone:

    Thank You

  • peymanusa:

    I mean 6 to 7 computers