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Recent Comments

  • x265Addict:

    What the f*ck happened to RMTeam, Why aren't you uploading this in x265 version?

  • DoubleGG: Can you please re-upload this one episode as it's the only one i need and cant use rapidrar - would ...
  • Pillowbanger:


  • atom:

    Lip Sink off starting 3/4 of movie

  • MeH: Acceptable quality. Thanks PS CRF=23.5 is better than CRF=24 but still way to go to CRF=22 which giv...
  • FREd:

    well not down, but listed as undefined?

  • higherbitrate:

    Really hope someone will release this at higher bitrate/quality.

  • Byron: Could you please re-up the first 3 episodes of the AMZN version of Casual season 3?Casual S03E01 Ash...
  • Teekanne:

    HEVC pretty please?

  • MeH: Good movie but unfortunately low image quality CRF=24 is too high even for H.265 encoding. Lower it ...