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Recent Comments

  • rgvda: It's not "Genius 2017 S01E10", It's "Genius 2017 S01E09-E10"... ("Genius 20...
  • Nk5672:

    Please upload in x265

  • komo:

    Thanks admin where is the first and second episode

  • alfa:


  • MeH: Thanks PS CRF=23.5 is better than CRF=24 but still way to go to CRF=22 which gives better quality an...
  • Ice: with UL being phased out you need to get some better hosts.. only rapidrar seems any good.. but that...
  • MeH: @ woteva "like what is your problem ? Resolution: 1280x688 is definitely NOT LQ !"You sure...
  • MeH: Unfortunately and surprisingly (since this file isn't that old) all links are dead. Please reupload.
  • Blue Moon: you're both wrong this is a reencode. you can tell by the tag - RMTeam at the end of the title as in...
  • No1: Self correction: captures aren't considered reencodes either afaik. But You'd have to consider them ...