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Angie Tribeca S03E02 720p HDTV HEVC x265-RMTeam
Size: 113MB  RMTeam x265  mkv HEVC (MAIN) / AAC (LC)  HD  1280x720

Angie Tribeca
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[RR/NF/UL/OL/UR/CU] Angie Tribeca S03E02 720p HDTV HEVC x265-RMTeam (113MB) - Snapshot 1
File Information
  ___ __  __ _____               
 | _ \  \/  |_   _|__ __ _ _ __  
 |   / |\/| | | |/ -_) _` | '  \ 
 |_|_\_|  |_| |_|\___\__,_|_|_|_|
 Source: Angie Tribeca S03E02 720p HDTV x264-KILLERS (493MB)
 Filename: angie.tribeca.s03e02.720p.hdtv.hevc.x265.rmteam.mkv
 Release Size: 114MB
 Resolution: 1280x720
 Duration: 20m29s
 Framerate: 23.98
 Overall Bitrate: 759Kbps
 Video Codec: hevc
 Audio Codec: AAC @128Kbps, CBR, 2CH, 48KHz
 Subtitle: N/A
 If you see no video use the latest version of VLC player:
 Email: phpcoupon [at] gmail [dot] com
File Container: MKV
Video/Audio Codec: HEVC (MAIN) AAC (LC)
Video Resolution: 1280x720

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3 Responses to "[RR/NF/UL/OL/UR/CU] Angie Tribeca S03E02 720p HDTV HEVC x265-RMTeam (113MB)"

I'm still fairly new here BUT WTF. I just grabbed this from OpenLoad and it was 132mb with an mp4 ext. (which I knew wasn't right), grabbed it from CU and got what I'm assuming is the correct file (113mb .mkv).

But again WTF, openload just changed the ext. and GOD only knows what the EXTRA 19mb is all about. I use OpenLoad a LOT and that is a first for me, glad I was paying attention.

Anyway, just an FYI (and a WTF).



Incase I wasn't clear in that last comment, I know this isn't's issue, this is something weird with OpenLoad. Just pointing it out for future DL'ers.


@ Vamps. I sure as hell hope openload is not going to start mucking us around, as you are right, at the moment most of what I download comes off of that service. I had noticed that they have managed to somehow block my use of the Control-W key stroke to close down the bloody pop-up adverts as soon as they pop-up so that they can't F-up my system, now I am having to click the x, and my tired old mouse is not really up to that as it often double clicks and closes the damn brouser, which is usually crashing anyway, because of all the extra pop-up windows resident in memory and cache. Wish they were not bastards and insist we turn off our adblockers. If they are now fucking with the files themselves, then that is them finished. Can't have the bastards dictating content like that.

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