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Recent Comments

  • Katmando: PS: Still BTX don't fix there release after all that rant it still has one second missing from th...
  • monoceros:

    Thank you

  • Katmando: I May Destroy You S01E10 REAL PROPER READNFO 720p WEB H264-BTX was Nuked !!! Invalid.proper_release....
  • FinnMcCool:

    Thanks very much!

  • Shechi: @Katmando thanks. Just read the reviews and I agree I should skip this one
  • Katmando: @Shechi your wasting your time they done uploaded free links to this last year . They dont post free...
  • FinnMcCool:

    Thanks very much!

  • Shechi:

    May I please have this ser4ies uploaded to a free download site? Missed it first time around.