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This Island Earth 1955 FS 1080p BluRay H264 AAC-RARBG
Size: 1.6GB mp4 H264 (HIGH) (AVC1) / AAC (LC) (MP4A)  HD  1488x1080

This Island Earth
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[RR/NF/UL/CU] This Island Earth 1955 FS 1080p BluRay H264 AAC-RARBG (1.6GB) - Snapshot 1
File Container: MP4
Video/Audio Codec: H264 (HIGH) (AVC1) AAC (LC) (MP4A)
Video Resolution: 1488x1080
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4 Responses to "[RR/NF/UL/CU] This Island Earth 1955 FS 1080p BluRay H264 AAC-RARBG (1.6GB)"

Any possibility of a fresh link for this?



Found this one

This Island Earth 1955 1080p BluRay x264-OFT
File Size: 3.58 GB



Another version here



Re: Furiosa
I avoid cam versions, and wait for the proper release, so I haven't looked too closely, as it appears that cams are all that's on offer.

"lately I find myself watching some older series"
The older stuff is better because it doesn't have a social or political agenda, as has been the growing trend in movies the past few years.

OK. You asked for it. Here goes.

The good watched list (in my opinion):
& it's sequel
Good comedy zombie movies, smartly written with great actors. The binocular scene in the sequel with Zoey Deutch is hilarious :)
this is what happens when good story, writing, acting, & directing coincide. Also starring Zoey Deutch.
a spy action comedy that features an ensemble cast
an intelligent horror film starring J.K. Simmons
both directed and produced by Denis Villeneuve, who also co-wrote the screenplay.
They need more than one viewing to fully appreciate.
stars Arnold Schwarzenegger
intelligent superhero film starring Will Smith as an alcoholic, reckless superhero
directed by Alex Garland, & as usual, very well done and realistic.
The biased far-right 1 star reviews are hilarious
surprisingly enjoyable. Stick with it for a few episodes.
Horror story set in India in a dystopian future where fascism is at its top, and the story's main plot is the interrogation of a dreaded terrorist
very enjoyable. Action, romance, and some satire.ōgun_(2024_TV_series)

The bad watched list (in my opinion):

The Last Stop in Yuma County (2024)
This Beautiful Fantastic (2016)
The Fall Guy (2024)
Boy Kills World (2023)
The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2024)
Parallax (2023)
Arcadian (2024)
Light (2024)
Monkey Man (2024)
Late Night with the Devil (2024)
LaRoy, Texas (2023)
Once Within a Time (2023) Season 5.

The to-be-watched or wishlist list:
*** Caveat emptor ***'s_Vow_(film)
The Last Loner (2019)
What You Wish For (2023)'t_Die_(2019_film)'s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy_(TV_series)

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    Halo "is" a good show

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    "one of the most impressive scenes"

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    Unfortunately, episode 2 not playing and episode 3 half missing (only 37 minutes long).

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    Nice 1

  • shark:

    Will there be a sequel?

  • sjors:

    This release in in Russian with Russian subs. No English.

  • RapidRabbit98: I'll ask again Forged in Fire Series 11 episode 1 - anyone have it?