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We Were The Lucky Ones S01E02 Lvov 1080p WEB-DL HEVC x265-RMTeam
Size: 411MB  RMTeam x265  mkv HEVC (MAIN) / AAC (LC)  HD  1920x1080 +Subtitle

We Were the Lucky Ones
File Information
  ___ __  __ _____               
 | _ \  \/  |_   _|__ __ _ _ __  
 |   / |\/| | | |/ -_) _` | '  \ 
 |_|_\_|  |_| |_|\___\__,_|_|_|_|
 Source: We Were The Lucky Ones S01E02 Lvov 1080p DSNP WEB-DL DDP5 1 H 264-FLUX (2GB)
 Filename: we.were.the.lucky.ones.s01e02.lvov.1080p.web.dl.hevc.x265.rmteam.mkv
 Release Size: 412MB
 Resolution: 1920x1080
 Duration: 52m55s
 Framerate: 23.98
 Overall Bitrate: 1062Kbps
 Video Codec: hevc
 Audio Codec: AAC 5.1 @384Kbps, CBR, 6CH, 48KHz
 Subtitle: Yes
 If you see no video use the latest version of VLC player:
 Email: phpcoupon [at] gmail [dot] com
File Container: MKV
Video/Audio Codec: HEVC (MAIN) AAC (LC)
Video Resolution: 1920x1080

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Encoding Queue:  x264  x265

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    The file's half the size it should be & corrupted. Useless. Avoid.

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    Rad dude

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    Rad mate

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    I tried this file with 3 different players which all said they couldn't read the codec

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    Any reason why this episode is omitted from 'click'n'upload??

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    the file on click upload is 119mg onnly and is corrupted