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Rapidshare Discussion

Keeping Rapidshare up is one of the most difficult jobs for Rapidmoviez team these days since Rapidshare is deleting files and locking accounts. So far, we have tried our best to keep the links alive by using Safelink and DLC files. We are doing this because the satisfaction of our users is a top priority for us, However, keeping Rapidshare up seems to be impossible in the near feature.

This page is created to be your voice as we wish to get advice and recommendations from our users. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


P.S. Rapidshare has limited the public traffic of file downloading to 30 GB/day for each uploader's account, so we can't continue to upload files to Rapidshare. We highly recommend you to use instead.
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1011 Responses to "Rapidshare Discussion" (displaying 1 to 20)

The RS situation has only gotten worse. Now it seems you don't even have a full day to grab the links.
The DLC option just shows how bad things are. One, it means you have to go through extra steps to actually download the file and since the links aren't provided directly you can't make a copy of the file. Sometimes you have to do that because the file is marked as illegal before you can finish the download since RS has restricted their download performance in some places to the point where its as bad as free download services.

It'd be nice to keep it but unless the RS links are provided in plain text (no DLC/safelinks) then the benefits of using RS are virtually nullified.

The alternatives... namely UL and EB require premium or else their pretty much useless. Sendspace on the other hand for now works well in free mode, so much so it sometimes performs better than premium RS, although its use on this site is limited for understandable reasons.

Seems like there are 2 choices... buy UL/EB and ignore RS (something which they deserve from everyone really) or have this site and its users bang their heads against the wall repeatedly until things get better or RS is discarded. The DLCs may be an improvement as far as longevity of links are concerned but it certainly comes at a cost.


why not use direct torrent magnetlinks as a alternative, every file uploaded to those downloadsites like UL/EB /RS is easy to find with a torrentsearcher but it would be nice to have a direct link so it's directly loaded into ùtorrent


Are you sure that extabit will not delete links also ? I just want to be sure before buying an account for a whole year

Suggested by Admin

All of filehostings delete files (less or more). In our experience, uploaded is the best one keeps the files longer. but as we don't know anything about the feature, we recommend you to buy a short term account like one or three months account.


the new jp downloader wont accept my premium details for rapidshare. can you please help, the safelink was much easier, why did u stop that?


As I understand it,the hosting companies scan uploaded files for keywords, even inside rar files. Why wouldnt the uploader obfuscate the titles inside the rar file? Besides all the other crap thats put in the file makes it that much easier to identify as a violation file. Like the info file an the link back to the post. Why on earth are those things in there? plus, the file is encased in a folder with the file name in it too. Its just asking to be found. I suggest making the file name non-program specific ( like dont use the title, duh...) and if you must put the other files in, zip them separately. I've been doing this for years and never, ever needed or wanted an nfo file. Thats what the post is supposed to be for, imho.


what snide says. probably it will be less easy for the hosts to id the "illegal" files when there is no "explanatory" title.
the JDownloader solution definitely helps for those of us at least that have premium RS accounts. but for example I can't really use it but in PCs where i have admin rights to install programs. the chasing of the files asap before the file hosts shut them down will keep being a reality - RS is indeed not the only one doing so -its just more aggresive in it / eager than the others so as to NOT follow the megaupload destiny.
however i don't think its wise to ignore the rs links. just make their identification as hard as possible.


@snide - Applause! You are absolutely correct! Not that anyone will follow this advice and it is said over and over again. Sincerely,,, Thank you


i do agree with @snide . i think that is the best way right now . well we could at least give it a try


My Rapidshare account to me has become useless, as they have restricted my download speed also.

Unfortunately, I cannot purchase an Extabit or Uploaded account from here in Canada. They will not accept our credit cards for some reason.

Sendspace does - so I have no alternative but to use it.
Alas - people only put the smaller files on it.

Something needs to be sorted out. Rapidshare is soon going to be totally useless and will probably fade away to it's destiny....


Thanks guys- lets hope people listen. Id also add that the addition of the rapidmoviez url in the filename is equally problematic. Basically, the host only has to search for the rapidmovies name on its servers to come up with dirty files instantly. That's what id do if i were them. I understand you're trying to drive traffic too, but driving traffic that way creates the problem. At leaset use a redirector in the title. All the hosting company really wants is plausable deniability as they dont wish to cut off their income stream either, so give it to them! GOsh- how am i supposed to know that the file named x-34-dogleg9.fak is an mp4? It could be, but it it takes more than a reasonable effort to establish that, then the hosting company cannot devote resources to finding it, or be rightfully compelled or expected to do so legally. WHen search engines do index updates, none of the titles will then come up dirty, and that's where the problem really lies, with the MPAA fucktards googling then reporting it!


I agree 100% with snide.
Besides from Nov 27 the song is gonna change.... Let's see how.


@dat whats the deal w 27 Nov? Ive seen that referenced a few times with no clear explanation


On November 27, RapidShare will start putting a tight cap on outbound downloads for its free users. Paid members will still have 30 gigabytes in outbound downloads per day, but everybody else will be capped at one gigabyte. This will apply to public downloads, whereas direct Dropbox-style sharing between users won't be affected. The change is expected to further deter pirates from using RapidShare to distribute copyright material on a large scale


AHH i get it now. THanks for the clarification


the dlc files seem to go in less than a half hour
bin 'em - it's not worth your efforts, and it's not going to get any better. they may settle down on the deletion front, but the amount of traffic yours will generate will have your allowances used up within minutes.
go have a coffee, or whatever (or swamp msd with emails about getting their tv release act together)

personally, i find that NL and FF are still pretty viable, but there's always plenty of complaints about any host


feel free to do the name-changey thing if you like, but RS know where yours site is and they know what any given file is because it says so at the top of the page.
likeywise with pretty much any type of defence

probably they don't even need bother with having the staff to check, but just let the bots out

the best defence is to keep moving; as one top host is killed, they'll move onto to the next
buy short-term and try multiple free links; it's none too hard to get a good speed overall (even tho' any individual is a bit sluggish)


Back to IP swapping then, again... :P


Actually they wouldnt know what the file is if:
1. the uploader obfuscates the name, not only of the rar file, but of the files contained within the archive. All of that data is in the file header , not requiring decoding or decompression to reveal.
2. the uploader appends a fake extension- if they are scanning for files internally or merely logging then flagging files as they arrive- a fake extension would help- for example: 123456789.mp4.fak
3. the uploader release site avoids direct links by using the dlcs & referrers, etc.
4. stop using that ridiculous linux dot for space nonsense. These files arent for linux users, theyre all at the renfair anyway. THat's also a clear signal if one wants to identify suspect files.
5.the uploader Deletes the group identifier. THat's pure nonsense anyway and also provides a near 100% identification search parameter. They'll be pissy about it, but hey, so be it if the problem gets solved or at least lowers the kill rate.
6 Again, if we make them as unidentifiable as possible, the host wont just arbitrarily kill files that dont appear to be violations. REMEMBER THey are in business and want to keep us buying premium. If they kill all of the files, we leave. Simple
7. Id even recommend honeypot poisoning, which is less hackerish than it sounds, because you just upload 350 and 700 MB Photoshop files with movie titles as the name to fuck up the identification process. Think of it like going through a metal detector that will only scan once- oh sorry sir, ive forgotten i had a penknife- that's what set off the detector, sure glad you didnt see the machete in my boot.
Obviously not everything will work 100% of the time but what we've been doing is akin to handing out directions to where we'll be waiting for our inevitable ass-kicking while wearing a sign with an arrow pointing to our asses.
OK done now.


In my country RS is the only host available, UL and EB not available. Crap!

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