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Love Life US S01E03 PROPER 720p WEB h264-PETRiFiED
Size: 743MB mkv H264 (MAIN) / AC3  HD  1280x720

Love Life
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[RR/NF/UL/CU] Love Life US S01E03 PROPER 720p WEB h264-PETRiFiED (743MB) - Snapshot 1
File Information

We waited a few days but apparently people are too stupid and or lazy to correctly rip HBO Max.
So the task again falls to us to lead the way, and waste our time with a sub-par HBO Now re-brand with no 2160p content.


The known P2Pers at GHOSTS fucked up and used the E-AC3 at 256 Kbps instead of the AC3 at 384 Kbps.
As per example two in the rules, and the law of common fucking sense E-AC3 should never be used over AC3 if it's of lesser bitrate unless it either has extra metadata (i.e. Atmos) or more channels.
E-AC3 is functionally identical to AC3 unless those two requirements are met.

Of course anybody that read the rules, and wrote their own tools wouldn't make such a halfed ass mistake, so whatever.
Better put in a support ticket at Discord fellahs eh?

And again of course the groupies/fluffers/p2p enablers over at EthNet, continue undermine the scene by unnuking GHOSTS and still the primary source for GHOSTS, ALiGN and STRiFE 'sitepre'.
Funny we've never heard of anybody being on any of those groups presites, though huh?
Reminds us of that Korean complete bluray group that nobody had even nfos for, oh that's right again EthNet was the primary source for that group as well.

Well at least they're consistent adding groups nobody is on sites for, defending p2p groups and generally ignoring what the rules say i.e. that moronic nuke on that METCON proper repack.

Honestly we have to question any person who is on that network, do you know you're actively connected to a network supporting multiple P2P groups?
Do you know your connected to a network that every other nukenet ignores?
Do you know GHOSTS members are clearly staff at EthNet?

Or is this one of those bury head in the sand situations again, honestly...

Why do any of us even fucking bother any more...
File Container: MKV
Video/Audio Codec: H264 (MAIN) AC3
Video Resolution: 1280x720

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