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S W A T 2017 S07E09 HDTV XviD-RMX
Size: 394MB  RMTeam XviD  avi XVID / MP3 642x360

File Information
  ___ __  __ _____               
 | _ \  \/  |_   _|__ __ _ _ __  
 |   / |\/| | | |/ -_) _` | '  \ 
 |_|_\_|  |_| |_|\___\__,_|_|_|_|
 Source: S W A T 2017 S07E09 720p HDTV x264-SYNCOPY (967MB)
 Filename: s.w.a.t.2017.s07e09.hdtv.xvid.rmx.avi
 Release Size: 395MB
 Resolution: 642x360
 Duration: 42m39s
 Framerate: 23.98
 Overall Bitrate: 1264Kbps
 Video Codec: mpeg4
 Audio Codec: MP3 @128Kbps, CBR, 2CH, 48KHz
 Subtitle: N/A
 Email: phpcoupon [at] gmail [dot] com
File Container: AVI
Video/Audio Codec: XVID MP3
Video Resolution: 642x360

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Encoding Queue:  x264  x265

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  • rambaldi70:

    this release sort cut! 1h33m12 !
    imdb - 1h 54m

  • rambaldi70: This release the first bad source 1h33m12 - stop the play this release sort cut! 1h33m12 ! imdb - 1h...
  • rambaldi70:

    this release sort cut! 1h33m12 !
    imdb - 1h 54m

  • dilliboy: Will we ever see these RMTeam releases ever again? I hope they're not lost to the digital graveyard ...
  • kang:

    NitroFlare's link is missing...

  • kang:

    NitroFlare's link is missing...

  • tchamast:


    I've seen that too, don't know why.

  • Rafi85: Hi thx for the 14th season. Is it possible to reupload some episodes plz they were removed. These ar...
  • KubrickFan:

    Any possibility of a fresh link for this?

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    Please add "My Adventures With Superman Season 2 "

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  • waanaabe:

    warning: speaks German Swedish and French for those without English subs...

  • spiker1961:

    The audio on this is a commentary track, not the actual film audio.

  • spiker1961:

    The audio on this is a commentary track, not the film audio.

  • DuranDuran: The MS PAT show - - Does anyone have BOTH the MS PAT show (SEASON 4) & (SEASON 3) that just cam...
  • kang:

    Please, can you add "South Park The End of Obesity" ??

  • newuser:

    need english subtitles

  • Demonz:

    WTH is this

    NO season info and parts 1-13